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Brady Solutions offers consulting and laboratory services for a diverse group of clients.  The instruments and methods at Brady Solutions reflect the clients, it is your laboratory.  Brady Solutions offers consulting services for elemental analysis (including Hg techniques) and offers consulting and laboratory methods for the fuel ethanol industry.  Our methods for simulating COE systems and additives (surfactants) are unique- nowhere else will you find quantitative methods for determining corn oil recovery.  These methods offer a way to evaluate COE performance and the factors that influence it.

      I offer some specific, precision methods for corn oil production and surfactant evaluation.  I develop new methods for customers regularly so if there is a measurable problem, I’ll offer an analytical solution.  My methods give superior results and have high levels of QC.  I offer more than just testing, I offer in depth analysis and insight.

    I offer consulting for general chemistry, instrumentation and automation.  If there is a problem that relates to chemistry or automation I can be instrumental in finding a solution.

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