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Brady Solutions, Inc. (BSI) a unique and exciting company.  We are in the business of developing patented technologies for biofuels industry.  Currently, the business focuses on one of these methods:  Determining the amount and distribution of corn oil in sample from fuel ethanol plants. 

    Corn oil, or CDO (corn distillers oil) is a valuable co-product from fuel ethanol plants.  It is the oil naturally present in corn that gets extracted after the starch in corn has been used for ethanol.  Chemical companies, enzyme companies and equipment companies use the corn oil testing methods to show that their process works at improving corn oil.  Ethanol plants use the testing methods to measure and improve the extraction efficiency of their corn oil systems.  Improvements in output come by more precisely measuring what’s present and choosing the most effective treatments based on the data in the reports.  BSI offers support testing to show which technologies will improve the different measures described in the reports such as efficiency, surfactant activity and plant efficiency.   The lab methods predicts what happens in the plant.  This is a first for the industry and it makes these methods particularly important. 

    The second project that is in development is the extraction of useful products from DDGS (leftovers) including oil, pigments and valuable proteins.   This method ties in with ethanol plants in an elegant way that offsets the operating costs of the extraction plant.   A pilot scale plant is proposed if these extraction experiments prove successful.  We are developing other technologies along these lines.

     I also offer chemistry and engineering consulting for other companies and projects also.  I’m expert with elemental analysis and offer valuable assistance to companies looking to start new labs, departments or develop new technologies. 

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