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Brady Solutions, Inc. (BSI) a chemistry consulting company.  When companies need a chemist or help with chemistry but don’t have one on staff this is where they find solutions.  Our laboratory runs a variety of methods in analytical, organic and general chemistry but we are generally set up to solve our client’s problems.  We offer invaluable assistance to companies who need specific analytical solutions, need to implement quality systems or develop new technologies. 

We bring a very diverse skill set for solutions in chemistry, automation and engineering.

We offer expertise in all aspect of chemistry from the physical lab facility to the particulars of data analysis, figures of merit and statistics.  If it’s related to chemicals or chemistry, we have the solution.

Instrumentation training, installation, maintenance&repair- ICP, GC, HPLC, UV/Vis Spectroscopy

General lab equipment & procedures- extractions, titrations, pH

Formulation chemistry

Writing SOP, Methods and procedures

Method development & experimental design

Data analysis & Spreadsheet calculations

Certificates of Analysis (COA), QA/QC programs

Safety/personal protection equipment (PPE)/chemical hygiene

Substituting lower priced bulk chemicals for proprietary blends

Biofuels- Ethanol and Biodiesel

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